Educational Workshop for cooperative groups in the city of Rosario, Argentina

Colective access to the right to work for young people

Members of the Movimiento de Trabajadores Autogestionados – Rosario (Movement of Self-managed Workers) and members of our team were called upon by the Programa Nueva Oportunidad (roughly translatable to “New Opportunities”).

During March-June of 2022 the Programa Nueva Oportunidad called upon an inter-institutional team to work together as an educational team. The invitation was to design and support a series of Educational Workshops aimed at young people participating in the program. The design included key concepts of autogestión del trabajo, social solidarity economies and community and diverse economies. These themes and topics were selected in dialogue with the coordinators of the Programa Nueva Oportunidad, Luciano Vigoni and Erika Beckmann. Thirty groups and organizations were invited to participate in the workshops directed to young people (16 to 30 years old).

The team that put together the Workshop Series has worked together for several years. Their members have a longstanding experience as work cooperatives´ associates in a variety of such organisations in Buenos Aires and Rosario (i.e. Prensa Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Bar Pichangú, Movimiento Cajonardi, Prana and Economía y Contabilidad Cooperativa). They have also collaborated to do research on cooperatives and have been publishing together for several years now (see for example Dislocando la propiedad and Procesos de subjetivación y aprendizaje cooperativo).

The fact that the team combines a long term experience both as workers in cooperatives and as collaborative researchers contributes greatly to the quality of the Workshop as well as to being able to share real, day-to-day problems and their solutions, strategies and ways of doing cooperative work. 

Photographs by Leandro Lucero and Milena Caputa.

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